Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blame it on digital

Duble's comment on my last entry got me thinking. You can blame it on digital. Since the day my grandma bought me my first camera I've had the photo taking bug. Saving my allowance and collecting soda bottles to buy film and having it developed. It went from 12 to 24 to 36 exposure film, and I learned that not every photo comes out as you expect. Oh the disappointment I felt after walking up to the drugstore to pick-up my pictures only to find that 3 of the 12 shots I took were maybe worth keeping.
As I grew up the cameras got better and rolls of film got bigger. But there was still that disappointment after finding taking 36 shots there still was only a few that came out like you hoped they would.
The last time I used my film camera Pen and I were on vacation in Arizona. In the week we were there I used 8 rolls of 36 exposure film. After paying a fortune to have them developed I found that after years of taking photos I was getting better. But there still were those shots that just did not seem right. And those still out weighed the good ones.
Ten years ago Pen bought me my first digital camera. And since that day digital is all I have used. From the Sony FD 73 to the Sony A100 DSLR I use now. I can't imagine what it would cost to develope the film if I had taken all the photos I've taken.
Taking 600 shots does not mean I'm going to get a great or even a good photo. It means that I can now afford to take two or three shots of something to get what I want. And in the case of the photo in my last entry there was no time to take more than one shot. Luck has a lot to do with it, being in the right place at the right time and having a subject worth shooting. But most of all is having a partner than understands your wants and needs in pursuit of your hobby. ROB


  1. Sounds like she's a keeper! I love my lil camera but I'm NO way near as good as you~!!!
    {{huggz!}} to you 'n the lil woman~!

  2. Y'know, Rob -- it seems like more than a hobby. The pictures that you've posted have been awesome! It's an indication to me that it's not a hobby but passion. Since Pen is another of your passions she understands what feeds your soul. Y'all are both keepers! *hugs*

  3. Hi Rob - yeah - you have indeed gotten bitten by the incurable variety of Shutter Bugs. Me? The effects are come and go. Sometimes I get feverish and gotta shoot something! Since I dont own a gun - I shoot everything that moves, dont moves with my digital camera. Sadly the price of film is going to go away way way up. There my friend - with a 35mm SLR Camera and actual film in tow was a sport. All the settings and filters - that was a skill. Now days.., we have the graphics programs that clean some of our goofs up in a hurry.
    Thats not to say we cant take great pictures - and I do know You Have "The Eye" for art.., and even though the way of Film is biting the dust - those graphics programs and digital cameras are a God Send. No more fuss, no more muss.
    Oh - and - Long time no see, but Im still around - LOL.